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Name: Luisa

Country: Brazil

Written message: Logan, I really love you, you’re awesome! My name is Luisa and I’m from Brazil. So,I’ve met you in Meet Bill and since I’ve seen that movie I’m in love with you because you’re SO cute and lovable. I really admire so much your work, I’ve seen all the movies that you did and I have a question for you and… I don’t know if you know the answer but… WHY YOU SO LOVELY? Each day my love for you grows even more. YOU ARE SO ADDICTING! By the way, Happy 19th Birthday, Logan Wade Lerman. Really wish you a very good year. Xoxo, Luisa.

Categories: #luisa #2011


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yo my name is brit i suck at this so yay for you if you like my themes bc i don't



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[darth vader breaths] figure it out it's how you learn

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i don't know honestly i just make this up as i go but i learn mostly from codrops and w3schools as well as tutorials on tumblr and the ever-present, amazingly wonderful google

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